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Where To Buy Old Fourth Distillery Vodka !!TOP!!

The first distillery to open in Atlanta in more than a century, OFD offers great small batch gin and vodka (and they're working on bourbon, too!) in a beautifully rustic homage to old Atlanta. The front tasting room is really well designed, adorned with original containers from R.M. Rose Co. distillery (the last distillery in the city which closed in 1906) and the gleaming copper stills can be seen just past the front room. Plus, their bathroom has a door that looks like a bookshelf!

where to buy old fourth distillery vodka


There are a few distilleries in Atlanta, and one of the very best to visit is the Old Fourth Distillery. Established in 2014, this is a place to come for handcrafted southern spirits on Edgewood Avenue. This distillery specializes in vodka grown from regional sugar cane and gin made with fresh botanicals. The distilling staff also loves to experiment with concoctions like Lawn Dart, which is a ginger lemon liqueur. Old Fourth Distillery is an eco-friendly distillery that values non-GMO, renewable, and pesticide-free products.

Utah-grown rye and wheat grains form the foundation for Dented Brick Distillery's Roofraiser Vodka. This European-style vodka has a spicy kick from the rye not often found in American vodkas more typically made from corn. It gets its name from an incident when the Salt Lake City distillery had to alter the height of their roof to accommodate the stills.Photo courtesy of Dented Brick Distillery / Facebook

Republic Restoratives, a woman-owned distillery based in Washington, D.C., is also making its own hand-cleaning gel to give away with the purchase of any bottle of its vodka, bourbon, rye or brandy, reports The Washingtonian newspaper. 041b061a72


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