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Windows 8 RTM Downloaded And installed

To follow the direction I was given about how to upgrade to Windows 8.1, the first thing you have to do is get a valid Windows 8.1 product key. For me, this was relatively easy, as I have Windows 8.1 on my laptop, which was on Windows 8 up until a week ago. After downloading and running the upgrade tool, I was presented with a lovely presentation, allowing me to upgrade my installation of Windows 8 to Windows 8.1. Of course, the file isnt really an upgrade, but rather a new installation. I was given an option to do a clean install or to upgrade, so I chose the latter.

Windows 8 RTM downloaded and installed

Download File:

As indicated in the Windows 8 preview page, Windows 8.1 has an optional upgrade installation experience. After clicking on the "Upgrade Windows 8.1" button, it will prompt you for a license key (and give you a window to purchase a new key); license keys are valid for 10 months. When I tried the upgrade, I was presented with a familiar window, but unfortunately the first time I clicked on the Upgrade button, the install failed. Unacceptable. Rebooted and tried again, and no joy. Checked with the Microsoft support page, and it turns out that it doesnt recognise this as a valid Windows 8.1 licence key. A rather convenient oversight, perhaps, as it was still quite easy to find and purchase one.

To be able to download and use Windows 8.1, you first need a Microsoft account with a valid Windows 8.1 product key (or full, full-price version of the Windows 8.1 Preview). If you already have a Microsoft account, you may skip this section.

Once you've signed up for a Microsoft account, you can find a Windows 8.1 app by heading to the Windows Store. Browse through the list of apps, and find the Windows 8.1 app that you want - mine is called "IntelliCode". You can use the "Sign In" button to sign into your Microsoft account, and it will automatically sign you into the app. You must have your Microsoft account and an activated Windows 8.1 product key/license key to complete the installation.


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