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Buy Honda Rebel

I had a 1995 Suzuki 800 intruder, bought new. Not too many on the road these days. At my age, since getting older the bike was getting too heavy for me. Bought a Honda rebel, and what I did with this one, I put stabilizer, in this one like the Suzuki. I ran bike for 10 minutes, and never had problem with fuel lines or carbonators. It kept them clean and kept gas from getting old. It started right up in the spring, and dealer did normal maintenance, and found carbs fine, but changed fuel lines every 2 years, just be safe.

buy honda rebel

By changing the sprockets, this thing does almost 90mph downhill with a tailwind.I would frequently hit past 83mph with it, though it doesn't have any overtaking power on the highway at 75mph, and for a highway bike I'd really recommend a 400cc rebel minimum.

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