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I work with my arms and would end up with 17,000 steps by noon. (I get 10K) before 6 am so I knew this was way off. Calories burnt are more accurate. and IMHO if you have to swing your arm while pushing a shopping card or put it on your ankle, you are not getting enough exercise if that is what you need to do to count your steps. I do have an apple watch which actually is the closest I have found to the fit bit. I does not count phantom arm movements. No it really does not count if I am pushing a shopping cart but I could care less. That is not freaking exercise. Its called life. I bought have one fitbit one in reserve. When they finally die, I will be devastated. My apple watch is because I cannot carry my phone at work. I can see if I get important phone calls and text messages without having to have my phone on my person. (i know its extravagant )

buy fitbit one

I don't need or want all the functions the other Fitbits offer and I definitely do not like wearing anything on my wrist. The Fitbit One was the perfect solution, I know many other "fitbit-ers" are also disappointed but apparently Fitbit has decided to move on from those of us who have clamored to bring it back (or a similar design) and who have enjoyed having a tiny, discreet tracker.

Mine is the same I just bought it the sleep band was unused and while the box had been opened it turned on when I put it in the charger. But even though the battery says it's 100 it won't work unless in the charger so its not a rare defect. I'm sad I thought I got a good deal and I can't return it so it looks like I'm out money. Doesn't really make me want to buy a newer fitbit though.

Hi it's def a fitbit but sorry not sure how to post photos on here.. thanks for the help it didn't work.. I got it at a secondhand store but since I plugged it in and it turned on I figured it was fine. It's a shame that these companies are so greedy they don't just offer an easy way to replace batteries and would rather you throw it out and hurt the environment but pad their bottom line because they make it this way on purpose to make you buy another after a few years. Fitbits aren't cheap either. it's really sad that's where we are in this day and age knowing these plastics don't degrade and the batteries don't do well in landfill etc.

Fitbits come in different colors and designs, so you have options if you want something feminine or masculine. Many of the simpler versions of the fitbit can be placed into Fitbit accessories which look just like other jewelry and no one will ever even see your Fitbit/.

As for a phone -I can see your point and it is valid. A phone, and good fitness apps (many of which can sync with and use your fitbit), could duplicate a lot of the data of a fitbit. I guess the questions would be, would the fitness app be on 24/7, and would you carry the phone 24/7. Also, I would wonder at the accuracy. I know the fitbit uses 2 highly accurate accelerometers and an altimeter. Not sure if phone motion trackers would be as accurate or not?

I am not crazy about the bracelet either. The newest and fanciest fitbit is a bracelet model, really looks like a watch. But I like the clip model, personally. It fits great on either a belt or a pocket.

Whether you are shopping for yourself or for a gift, you always want to find the best deal, right? So today I'm sharing tips on where to buy fitbit on sale and best fitbit prices for each model. This post includes affiliate links for easy deal shopping.

Fitbits are once again a hot ticket item for the holidays but people buy them year round. This guide shows historical price trends n the various fitbit models, as well as where to shop in order to find those low prices.

Fitbit's wi-fi enables scale syncs with your fitbit app to put all your weight and fitness stats in one place. The historical rock bottom price I've seen on Amazon was $89. Black Friday price on started at $99.95. It's under the Clips and more section at the bottom. It fluctuates most of the year between $100 and $129. 041b061a72


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