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What had become of Steele and the lovely Spanish maiden? Were they safein Spain, or had the pirate but cozened me with his promise, and werethey not now in some prison like my own? If Steele had reached Englandsafely, had he delivered my message to my lady? What would she say tosuch a greeting as that? These and many other thoughts filled my mind,as I walked briskly on to overtake my carriers.

"The Count sighs for some lady love," the priest continueddeliberately, eying his companion, to see what effect this announcementwould have upon him. "Why, even on the night I tell thee of, did I nothear him call out once, twice, 'Margaret! Margaret!'" and he chuckledto himself in glee at the thought.

"And what effect had the titles and estates upon thy lady love?" askedDeNortier, with a slight smile. "Surely, Lord Dunraven, the possessorof an ancient title and lordly estates, would be a fit mate for anylady, barring none. Even the Queen would not stoop did she unite herfate with so noble a line."

Lord Dunraven frowned blackly. "It is true many a titled lady wouldbe proud to be Lady Dunraven, wife of one of the greatest noblemen ofEngland, but the foolish girl is as obstinate as a donkey. She wouldhave none of it; told me she would be my friend ever, but I could neverhope for more. The foul fiend fly away with such a friend!" he cried,his anger, stimulated by the rich wine, arising at the thought.

"The lady will not yield to me. I will give her but one more chance tofreely and of her own will become my[Pg 67] bride. If she still refuses toconsent, then," a frown, dark and ominous, passed over his face, "Iwill by some ruse obtain possession of her and by force carry her onboard one of my ships. Then, ho for Eldorado!"

"Yes," he said, noticing the look of astonishment upon the Spaniard'sface, "Sir Thomas Winchester shall behold her my bride. When he hassuffered enough to satisfy me, I will put him out of the way. We willstay here until my lady becomes reconciled, and then we will sail backto England and home," and his eyes, so cold and gray, lighted up withdelight and pleasure as he surveyed the face of the other.

"Tendit ad astra!" cried my lord. Then bending across the table,"Thou shouldst see this lady. Did I not fear that she would entanglethat black heart of thine in her golden tresses, I would take thee indisguise with me to London, and show thee this wondrous beauty."

"No fear of that," rejoined DeNortier, a grim smile of amusement uponhis countenance. "Would the lady prefer a worn old warrior, his neckresting uneasily upon his shoulders, to a noble of England, handsome,rich, accomplished?" and he drummed his fingers restlessly upon thetable, his legs sprawled out before him.

"Ah, Sir Thomas!" he said, "did I not have other plans on foot, I wouldmeet thee here, and once and for all settle all matters of differencebetween us; but mighty reasons, which I have already stated to thee,forbid me from doing so. Should I by any mischance fall by thy sword,it would be a shame that the loveliest lady of England should weep[Pg 89] outher eyes in sorrow at my untimely fate. Even now I go back to Englandto her kisses. I trust that thy stay upon the island may not proveunprofitable, and should time hang heavy on thy hands, perchance thoumightst amuse thyself with the thought of the bright lady in my arms.Farewell!" And he stepped into the boat.

And even as I stood there upon the shore, biting my lips with rage tosee them so easily glide out of my reach, my lord arose, and sweepinghis hat from his head, bowed. "Adieu!" he said. "May thy dreams bepleasant. I shall remember thee to my lady," and he took his seat witha smile upon his face.

Dunraven and Father Francis I had never seen since they left the islandthat stormy night in the boat. Sometimes I thought they had gone downin the gale, but they were too wicked to die like honest men. No, Ibelieved they were alive, perhaps in England, engaged in plots toabduct my lady, and at the thought I would pace the floor and wringmy hands. At such times Oliver was a boon to me. He would sing someballad of the olden days, when a knight, brave in his armor, and withhis waving pennant, would ride out to do battle for his lady love; andat the sound of his rich, mellow voice, the care and sorrow would fadeaway from my heart, and I would forget myself and all my woes.

I was coming into the group of bark huts; only one old woman wasvisible, her form bent nearly double with age, her hair snow white,her eyes sunken, her face weather-beaten as though by many a storm.Crouched by one of the low entrances she sat, her eyes fixed upon me.There was that look of knowledge, of understanding, in them, whichcomes only with extreme age; the look of one who has tasted of alllife's secrets, and who has known all that it contains.

"Wonder not," replied the crone. "Stranger things than this havehappened; men would betray all for love of such a maid;" and shemuttered something to herself. "Wouldst behold how thy friend conductshimself in thy absence with thy lady-love? Behold!"

And there upon the glass I saw my lady and Bobby. They were at somedance or merry-making, for I could see dimly the moving forms aroundthem. Suddenly they turned and passed out into a moonlit garden, andseated themselves in the shadow of some thick trees. I saw Bobby leanforward nearer that beautiful face; saw him whisper something into thatlittle shell-like ear; saw the smile upon her face; and then, reachingout his hand, he took one of[Pg 104] Margaret's in his own, and bent down asthough to kiss her, looking into her beautiful blue eyes all the while.

"Ah!" he said, as we struggled upon the slippery deck, "the gentlemanfights well. Perhaps he thinks that beyond the water there waits forhim a lovely lady. Let him not fool himself. She is ere now the brideof a noble lord, who holds her fast in bands which she cannot break."

"Listen," I answered, "perhaps I will tell thee many things that thouwilt not believe. Thou hast asked for the truth, and thou shalt haveit." And beginning from my abduction, I related the whole story ofmy captivity and adventures, omitting nothing, save only the partconcerning my lady.

"Pardon me," he replied. "I would not have asked, had I known. Butnever give up, my lad, fight on until the last shot in the locker.'None but the brave deserve the fair,' I have often heard, and if thatbe true thou wilt win her. If rumor can be believed, the lady is thefairest of Eve's daughters, and as for thyself, I know that thou art'the bravest of the brave.'"

"Yes," he replied, his face brightening. "I gave it into the hands ofthe fair lady herself. She blushed as prettily as the dawn, and weptwhen I told her the situation in which I had left thee; and her eyekindled as I related how thou hadst given thy life into the hands ofthe Count DeNortier that an unknown Spanish maid might go free. WhenI had finished, she said no word, only sat in silence for a moment,and then she raised her head, and I saw her bonny blue eyes were fullof tears. 'He is the knightliest gentleman that I have ever known,'she said softly, and then she gave me this trinket." He took from thepocket of his doublet a little gold pin and held it out to me.

"I had never been a lady's man in my youth," I said, rising andbeginning to pace the floor. "I was ever too rough, too shy, to pleaselittle lasses. They laughed at me and mocked my uncouth ways. Even whenI was a mere lad, when I would bring the small maid whom I admired mylittle presents, and offer them to her, I felt a great admiration forher that bound my tongue, and I could only hold them out awkwardly.She would take my gifts from me, and then would turn and mock myawkwardness among her playmates, until they shouted with glee. Thistaught me my first lesson of woman; that she would use thee while shecould, and then cast thee aside like a worn-out garment.

"Thank thee, old man," he said huskily. "None but a heart of true steelsuch as thine could bear this grief so nobly. But I fear that thou artmistaken, for never has the lady given me any cause to think that sheregarded me as more than a friend; thou hast misinterpreted her words."

"Thou art mad," he replied, "that thou talkest thus. It will be onlyfor a few months among new scenes and men; 'twill be a diversion forthy mind. As for my lady, thou hast no right to speak thus. Thou dostnot know how much she cares; in truth, as I led her home she wept asthough her heart would break, and she implored me to save thee as Ileft her."

"A friendly native informs me that a week ago a great white shipcast anchor near the mainland, and from it there were put onshore two pale men and a white squaw. From the description whichhe gives me of them, I have no doubt that these people were LordDunraven, the fat priest, whom thou hast described to me, and LadyMargaret Carroll. They took the direction in which thou art nowexploring, and the ship sailed away again. Perhaps thou mayestdiscover them, and so rescue the lady. Trusting that thou mayestdo so, I remain ever,

I took it with a cry of wonder. It was a little gold locket that I hadoften seen around Margaret's neck; pressing the spring the face flewopen, and there, I beheld a little miniature of her, painted severalyears ago when she was a merry, laughing girl. I gazed at it long,wrapped in my own thoughts. Ah, my lady! the same light brown hair, thesame deep azure eyes and pink cheeks; time had brought[Pg 229] little to thee,only the ripening of the lovely fruit, only the bloom of a yet moreperfect beauty. 041b061a72


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