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Sony SonicStage 4.3: A Free Music Management Software for Windows 7

i have a sony nw-s540 and im running windows xp i have installed all the microsoft play music pack. and have run the sonic stage 4.3 to get the sony music info. the problem is the japanese songs dont have the correct artist and song titles on it. and the covers are a big no no with the music. i have an american walkman, and the windows media music player recognizes the japanese songs and correct artist and song titles. so im just wondering if someone could please help me correct the music info on the x-appli. theres some sort of an option on the x-appli where you can choose the recording source and export it to the correct songs and artist. i have been looking all over the internet and cant find the answer. i have tried google searching for the answers but nothing came up. i just wish there was something for the x-appli that would correct the music info. please help.

sony sonicstage 4.3 windows 7 12

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hi, i have a sony nw-ds720a and sony nw-a200. i am trying to get sonica stage to recognise my music and copy it to my devices. i downloaded the sonica stage package and installed it. i use windows 7 ultimate and all the software is in english. i have not been successful in getting sonica stage to recognise my music. i know it is possible because sonica stage can see my music on my sony nw-ds720a. when i try to copy my music to my nw-a200 i get a message saying "this transfer is not supported by your sony nw-a200". what am i doing wrong? thanks, jay

i have the cvp-nx1000 and the problem i am having is that i can no longer see the "net md player" icon. this is very important to me because i am trying to transfer music to my android device. as soon as i try to transfer my music, the sony nw-a200 stops working. i have this problem on both windows 7 ultimate and windows 8. do you have any suggestions on what i can do to fix this? thanks, dawn


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